Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier prediction, trends, prop bets for UFC 264

This Saturday, Conor McGregor goes head to head against Dustin Poirier in what vows to be quite possibly the most convincing match-ups of 2021.
It’ll be the third time the pair have gone head to head. The record presently remains at one a piece. McGregor squashed Poirier at Featherweight back in 2014, with an essential round KO. Poirier offered back as of late at UFC 267 with a second round finish. The third challenge will be the elastic match, and will in all likelihood figure out who battles the current UFC Lightweight hero, Charles Oliveira, next.

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier

Who wins this time? Current chances have it precisely 50/50. Many expected that McGregor should make short work of Poirier in the ensuing fight given how conclusive the first was, yet Poirier’s further evolved insurance, close by a further evolved jaw at Lightweight, allowed him to withstand early squeezing factor in the first round before accepting command over the fight. An amassing of calf kicks, and some sharp boxing, permitted Poirier to take McGregor out in the second round.

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Will McGregor discover a response to those calf kicks? Will he switch his present boxing-weighty style for a re-visitation of the swift karate development of his prior battles? Could Poirier make lightning strike twice?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is additional warmth on this battle. After McGregor ensured a $500,000 blessing to Poirier’s Good Fight Foundation, Poirier took to Twitter when the blessing was delayed, what started a back and forth squabble between the two. While their subsequent battle had a warm and aware lead up, the third battle will almost certainly be an undeniably more close to home issue.

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